BELANKO 2.7 Quart Whistling Tea Kettle - Gradient Blue

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  • [ Food-Grade Material & New Design ] BELANKO tea kettle uses professional food-grade materials and 18/8 stainless steel craftsmanship to ensure that it is rust & corrosion resistant and heats up quickly. Every surface exposed to water and food particles is certified as food grade and easy to clean. Also, we have designed a new diamond appearance, which makes your tea pot more unique.
  • [ Loud Whistling Sound ] Loud & automatic whistling catch your attention even in a noisy environment. When you focus on your housework, movies, music, or any other things, the teapot will remind you with a whistle after boiling water. To prevent you from forgetting to turn it off and drying the water up. (Tip: Just fill up 80% of the capacity so that the water kettle can whistle when water is boiling.)
  • [ 2.7 Quart Capacity ] This stainless steel tea kettle is ideal for serving in a whole family or party. The 2.7 quart capacity allows you to reach a capacity of about 12 cups after a single boil, eliminating the need to repeatedly boil water frequently and saving you time.
  • [ Anti-Heat Handle with Simple-Touch Button ] The silicone-coated insulated handle allows you to lift the teapot directly without risk of burns. Ergonomic shape & design handle increase the comfort of pouring and filling. The user-friendly button allows you to easily open or close the spout without worrying about getting burned by steam.
  • [ Apply to Various Stovetops ] Applicable for induction cooker, electric furnace, gas and natural gas stovetops. Please use the tea kettle over small or medium heat, it heats very fast and saves energy. If you meet any problems, please contact us and we will help you fix your issue.


Warm Tips

  1. To give you a better using experience, please wash and boiled the tea kettle first before you use it.
  2. Please don't turn the fire too much when using gas to heat the tea kettle.
  3. After using the tea pot, please rinse it with water and air-dry. And put the teapot in a dry, airy place.
  4. In order for the whistle to work, fill the teapot with no more than 80% water.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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R Hayes
Cute & Convenient

This is my first teakettle - I mainly use it for French press coffee! It heats up quickly and the water inside stays nice and warm for a good while even after I've taken it off the heat, which is convenient. I also appreciate how cute it is, since I have a small kitchen space and it doubles in function as a little pop of colorful 'decor.' The press button to open the spout does stick a little, but it isn't enough of a bother that I'd deduct a star for it.

Erica Towns
Unique, Beautiful, Gets the job done.

Unique looking, better then I expected. The lid sticks on tight so you don't have to worry about water trying to boil out of the top, it look's heavy but is actually light-weight, It has an easy press button to open and close, it's bigger then the pot for my coffee maker which is pretty awesome(so if you want to have a tea party hit me up). Came with fast delivery and is built to last.

Dannielle Cook
Belanko makes the cutest teakettles!

I am absolutely in love with my blueBelanko whistling tea kettle! I have been looking for something stylish to heat water for both tea AND my french press! This ketele serves wonderfully, and the whistle is loud enough to get my attention without being so loud that it freaks out my cat. I would definitely recommend these to my friends.

So Stylish

What drew me to this tea kettle most is how stylish was. I like to keep my kettle on top of my stove for anytime use and love that this is not an eyesore. It goes with everything and is one of the most beautiful tea kettles I have seen. It is also the perfect size.

Dior Browne
Love it!!

I LOVE my tea kettle! It was much bigger than I expected! The handle and all the wood grain is very smooth to the touch and feels nice in my hand. It’s so convenient for me! I am able to cook cup noodles, Mac and cheese, tea etc so quickly and easily! I don’t know how I lived without this!! It’s a must have in any home!