BELANKO™ 320/600 ML Portable Blender with USB Rechargeable - Black Gray

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  • [ Powerful Speed & Blades ] With High-Speed 20000Rpm motor and refined Nutrient Extractor Blades, the portable blender can smash and stir effortlessly the food into nutritious shakes, smoothies, juice etc. Just double-click for start, so you can own a healthy drink every day.
  • [ One Cup, Two Caps ] For easier to travel and carry, BELANKO portable blender comes with an extra light and portable cup lid. After you complete the nutrient extraction, remove the blade lid and replace the cup lid, and you can ready to go. Very suitable for sports, travel and other outdoor places.
  • [ Multiple Ways to Recharge ] The juicer cup blender with built-in 2000mAh battery, which can be charged at anywhere or any devices such as car charger, power bank etc. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge the blender once and it can be used up to 15 times. Compared with other personal blender where the charging port is exposed, it adds a small cover to better prevent liquid from entering the charging port.
  • [ Security Protection Mechanism ] To prevent the mini blender from suddenly starting, it equipped with the protective measures. When activate the blender, you need to tighten the lid and align the switch pattern on the cup. At this time, double-click the switch, it will start and the indicator circulates. If not, the indicator will flash twice to remind.
  • [ BPA Free & Easy to Clean ] The blender bottle and lid are only need to be rinsed with running water, or fill the water to start the blender for cleaning, very easy to clean. Made of 100% free of BPA and Food-Grade Material, best choice to making a delicious fresh juice!


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  1. Please fully charge the personal blender before using it for the first time (About 2-3 hours).
  2. Please remember not to exceed the maximum mark of the cup 320ML.
  3. If the blades get stuck, turn the blender upside down and turn it slowly after normal rotation.
  4. During the work, you can click the switch once to stop the personal blender.
  5. The interval between each use is about 5 mins. After continuous use, you need to let the juicer cup rest for a period of time.


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2000mAh Rechargeable Battery

With 2000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, 15-18 glasses of juice can be made when fully charged. The high-speed rotating blades can mix various ingredients. Just bring the juicer cup and share with family or friends.

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Easy to Clean

You can just fill the blender cup with half of water, double-click the switch to turn it on and clean it by itself. Or you can also remove the lid of the juice cup and rinse with clean water.

personal blender

Multiple Ways to Recharge

The charging port has a small cover for better water resistance. The portable blender can be easily charged at any time through power bank, computer, adapter or other USBdevices.

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Juice On The Go

Lightweight design allows you to carry it anywhere. You can also squeeze the juice, replace the cap, and get ready to go. Suitable for outdoor, traveling, sports, work, etc.

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I love this blender (TecnoReview)

This mini blender is exactly what I needed and I recommend it for sure. It is so light and portable, the most important part is that it mixes food so smoothly and the load is strong enough to make up to 4 shakes with a loading set, now I drink a shake every morning with fresh and frozen fruit and mix everything to perfection. It comes with a USB cable and micro usb input so you can make drinks literally anywhere. It is the perfect tool for my shake after the gym or at work and I also prepare a delicious coffee with milk, since I can carry it in my bag and mix it at my work or in the gym, thanks BELANKO for such a good product.